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Pastor Donnell Long


Elder Clarence D. Long is the son to one of Christendom’s most prolific and renowned Apostolic leader to have ever lived in this generation. He is the eldest son born of three children to the late Apostle C. L. Long and Elder Joanne Long, founders of Scripture Cathedral Ministries, Inc. It was with the birth of his first child that our late Apostle understood succession and the order of God thus he began the impartation to his son of Leadership, influence, astuteness, and the anointing.


Elder Long served under his father’s influential leadership and in doing so, humbled himself to make his confession of devoted service and life-long dedication to God at an early age. Born in 1963 and on January 12, 1976 at the gentle age of 13 a new birth took place. Elder Long was filled with the consuming fire of the Holy Ghost which would be the beginning of his spiritual walk with God. In 1979 while in the 11th grade he advanced into the position of Chief Financial Officer of Scripture Cathedral.


Ministries, Armour House, and The Cathedral Ministries Crisis Center. There would be more that God would lay at the charge of this faithful, focus, favorable man of God. In 1988 he was ordained as minister to preached and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ with fervency. March 31, 2015 would be a somber and monumental occasion; as the celebratory eulogistic service was held as Elder Long lay to rest his Father, Pastor, Leader, friend the late Apostle C. L. Long. Yet in that same service through the laying on of hands by Bishop Ralph Dennis and Arch Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Elder Long was consecrated as Pastor and Successor of the Scripture Cathedral Ministries, Inc. It was as if the heavens had spoken in midst of an otherwise dark day; given the occasion, and caused a beam of light to overthrow the service. Victory was in the house!


Elder Long is the loving, caring, and proud husband of his wife Lady Doretha T. Long. They have been wed in holy matrimony since 1988 and have one daughter, Promise Tinsley Long. He and his family reside in Maryland and together they have vowed to serve God and his people as they lead the flock to the land of Milk and Honey. You are always welcome to worship with us here at the Scripture Cathedral and get your praise on because Scripture Cathedral is a “Praise 1 st Church.” To God be the Glory forever!


First Lady Doretha T. Long


First Lady Doretha T. Long affectionately known as Lady D is a native Washingtonian. First Lady Long is an advocate for education and biblical enrichment understanding the betterment of the total person and spiritual edification.


First Lady Long found her place in God at the Scripture Church when she at the age of 16 was filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost and was baptized in water into the name Lord Jesus Christ.


She loves Praise and Worship and had the privilege of working with Choirs, Liturgical ministry, Praise and Worship Leader, Choir Director, and soloist. Though she is steadfast in her purpose this would not be the height of her advancement! The calling would be made sure in 1999 when she accepted her mandate and was ordained a Minister of the Gospel under the leadership of her Pastor, the Late Apostle C. L. Long, founder of the Scripture Cathedral Ministries Inc.


She is the proud wife of Elder Clarence Donnell Long, who is the Senior Pastor of Scripture Cathedral Ministries in Washington, DC and Landover, MD. Together they have vowed to serve God’s people to the fullest and side by side declare that Scripture Cathedral Ministries will forever be “A Praise First Church”.

To God be the Glory!